The document engine for any industry: API first, customisable & scalable.

With the Paperless API, our customers implement customized signature and document processes that guarantee faster contract processing, reduced transaction costs, and document security and tracking.

Illustration of various digital processes for document processing that originate from the Paperless platform.

Paperless API Solutions

Icon automatischer Aufbau

Workflow Automation

Build customized signature and document processes.

Icon Baukasten Feld hinzufügen

Document generation

Assemble smart documents block by block.

Icon Unterschriftsfeld

Electronic signatures

Obtain legally binding eSignatures.

Icon Box

Data collection

Collect data within your forms and contracts for further processing.

Icon Reihenfolge

Arbitrary signature flows

Support dozens of signees with different signee roles in arbitrary orders.

Icon Zertifikat

Legally-binding Audit trail

Get an cryptographically signed and sealed audit trail for integrity and authenticity verification for each document.

Icon Ordner für Dokumente

Document Archival

Store documents at least 10-years for tax-compliance.

Icon Webhooks


Get real-time updates about every document event (e.g. dispatch, completion).

Paperless security when logging in thanks to various security mechanisms

Your data needs the best protection.

Paperless is one of the few providers hosted exclusively on German servers. The technical facilities are ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

Our top priority is to protect the data of your businesses. All data and personal information sent to or from Paperless is encrypted in transit using an industry-standard 256-bit TLS encryption with a 2.048 bit RSA key.

The document workflow software built for developers.

Tired of constantly coding and maintaining in-house document workflows? We were too. So we came up with a better way:

Step 1: Layout and Design your forms and documents in our no-code editor (everyone in your company can do that!).

Step 2: Use the API to send out documents, get them signed in no time and collect validated, error-free data.

Step 3: Get informed about any document updates and receive the completed document, the accompanying audit trail and meta-data via webhooks in realtime.

Step 4: Use paperless to securely store your contracts and documents and retrieve them via API when necessary.

Illustration of various digital processes for document handling that are controlled by a user.
Illustration in which a crane builds a paperless document or form like a construction kit.

High-stability APIs. Support options available.

Authenticate users via OAuth / OpenID Connect / AD FS. Handle load spikes and peaks on dedicated hardware. Your Paperless Instance auto-scales to meet your needs.

Service level agreements and 24/7 support options with dedicated solution engineers are available.

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