DocuSign vs Paperless

Paperless is the European DocuSign alternative for companies that value data privacy and ease-of-use over complexity.

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Documents per month
European server locations
Made and hosted in Germany
Dynamic, web-based contracts & documents
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DocusIgn vs Paperless

Why should you switch to the European DocuSign alternative?

DocuSign is the pioneer in the field of eSignatures and is considered the standard amongst many companies. But if you’re looking for a European alternative that’s user-friendly, and above all secure, then Paperless is the perfect solution for you.

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Unlimited number of documents

DocuSign's volume-based business model is not suitable for most growth-oriented businesses that need scalable and cost-effective document automation & eSignature software. Paperless, on the other hand, allows you to send unlimited documents per month for one fixed price, so you never have to worry about not meeting your budget.

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European server locations

Paperless is made and hosted in Germany and fully DSGVO and eIDAS compliant. Protecting your data, information and documents is a top priority for us, and we consider this for every strategic and operational decision we take.
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Ein digitales Dokument oder Formular wird mit Hilfe eines Drag & Drop Baukastens aufgebaut.

Flexible web-based documents

DocuSign allows you to upload documents and the software then converts them to fillable forms. With Paperless you create, send, sign & automate dynamic and web-based documents and contracts directly in one platform, so you never have to deal with static PDFs ever again.

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24/7 human support

With Paperless, you get the same level of support you’d expect from enterprise solutions like DocuSign. Further, you can call us or chat with us via our website - whether you're using Paperless for the first time or hundredth time.


The most important questions before switching from DocuSign to Paperless:

Are Paperless eSignatures legally binding?
Yes, Paperless signatures are legally binding and recognised in court. You can learn more about electronic signatures here.
I'd like to learn more about Paperless?
Perfect. You can learn more about Paperless or start your 30 day free trial straight away (no credit card required).
Can I import my templates from DocuSign to Paperless?
Yes, if you want to migrate your DocuSign documents to Paperless, all you need to do is to create an account and start creating your documents.
How much does Paperless cost?
Our business plan starts at €19 per month for unlimited documents and templates. View our pricing
Trusted by forward-thinking companies who value ease of use over complexity:
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