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Eine chaotische Anordnung von verschiedenen Logos aus der SaaS Branche wie zum Beispiel Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack und DocuSign. Im Hintergrund liegt eine verknotete Linien. Es geht dabei um den Prozess der Erstellung eines Dokuments bis hin zum unterschriebenen Dokument.
The problem

Honestly, is this the way you manage business documents today?

Is creating contracts in Word and exchanging PDFs via email the best way to run an efficient business?

Security first data protection. Made and hosted in Germany.

All documents are cryptographically signed, locked and protected from modifications and come with court-admissible audit trails.

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A document being securely stored and hosted exclusively on servers in Germany.
Eine isometrische Anordnung von Logos aus der SaaS Branche wie zum Beispiel Zapier, Gmail, Slack.

Integrate your business processes with your favourite tools.

Paperless integrates via Zapier, so you can automate your workflows with tools you use every day. Increase your efficiencies, reduce errors, and create a better experience for everyone involved. Looking to build your own custom integrations? Paperless provides a powerful and well-documented API to create, send & sign documents from your own application.

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Teams of all sizes use Paperless to get business done faster.

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“Since using, I have more time for what really matters in my job, the people. Instead of spending time with administrative “silly work”, I can now focus on human resources development, company culture and coaching my team.”

Julia Schrubba (People & Culture)
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"Paperless is extremely user-friendly. With Paperless, we can process compliant contracts in no time and without having to print out or scan documents. Internally, we use Paperless for all documents related to HR and for influencer collaboration contracts. This allows us to onboard our new Birds more efficiently.”

Philipp Martin (CEO)
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"Since we started managing our partner contracts with Paperless, we have saved a lot of time in contract creation and can close customers much faster. We are now able to streamline our entire contract management process, which is now 100% digital. We also get a lot of positive customer feedback because they no longer have to print out documents and scan them back in.”

Quintus Dienst (CEO)
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